Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dodging the Law

Through a series of cunning manouevres I managed to wangle my way out of racing at Traprain yesterday, although being appointed in sole charge of the wains, it was not an unmitigated victory. As far as family-friendly race events goes, it was perfect. The East Linton Gala day offered more bouncy castles than you can shake an (unsharpened) stick at, plus Luca's ice cream vans, and a great playground next to the final uphill sprint to the finish line...ideal for spectating/supporting while the urchins played.
Stewart and Cali
It's Trapraining Men!

 I felt very smug as the runners clustered near the start line. It really was Far Too Hot for running. In fact anything above midwinter Siberian levels tends to make me wilt. Luckily it was Just Right for ice cream eating, and as the runners sprinted at ungodly speeds towards nettles, rivers and a big nobbly hill, I made my way with equal haste to the Luca's van. Strawberry cones all round.

The least exciting ride.
I have a pet human on my shoulder.
 After some bouncy-castling and mini-train riding (the latter being a rather anti-climactic 20 second chug along the grass on what looked liked an oversized roller skate), we went to loiter near the finish. It was very exciting seeing everyone come in. Stewart Whitlie sprinted back in first, looking as fresh as he had on the way out, with second and third men hot on his heels. I was greatly impressed to see how many runners put on a final burst of speed on that last uphill drag. How do they have the energy? I can barely drag myself over the line at most races. Anyway, it made for some dramatic finishes, and I enjoyed trying to capture them on camera.

Stewart Whitlie - 1st Male

Peter Buchanan - 1st Super Vet

Jill Mykura - First Lady

Bob. Whoa there, boy.
Fionna flying...literally?

And then the stripper arrived.

Bill Gauld.

Cali looking far too cheerful.
I waited for Matthew to come in....and waited....and waited...and saw Matt Grove and thought aha! He'll be along soon! And waited...And began to worry as at least three quarters of the field had finished. Fionna (who, incidentally, had put on a truly formidable sprint at the end) came and relieved my angst by telling me that Matt had stopped to help another runner who was suffering from exhaustion in the heat. Gallant though this may seem, I reckon he saw it as an opportunity to stop running and wallow near the river for a bit. And who can blame him! The poorly runner recovered well, by the way.

Here he comes at last!

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